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Are you a Company or Association?

If you have employees or a member base business and you would like the opportunity to link into the fastest growing online cashback and coupon shopping program in Australia, please let us know.

With more unique offers and benefits than any other, our program is available 24/7, 360 days a week, it really pays to Shop Smart with our organisation.

Everyone shops and spends money on products and services and whatever your place is in the working world few people relish spending more than they have to.
That’s why organisations turn to us!

What Else Do We Offer? Besides great service?

Our parent company Concierge Desk Australia Pty Ltd, builds rewards platforms, recognition programs and offers a unique employee benefits program, this program delivers a huge array of products and services throughout Australia and Overseas.

The Employee Benefits Program is perfect for those individuals that have limited access to the internet. Something think about if your work force has limited internet access.

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If you operate a retail business and you ‘re interested in talking to us, please let us know.

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